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TrucksBook is a system for players and virtual companies using Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
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Employee Mode

In the Employee Mode you are employed in some virtual company or you can drive on your own. Job deliveries are automatically recorded in your logbook. You can also see your and company statistics and rankings.

Manager Mode

You will create your own company and manage it. You will hire new employees who will drive for your company.

What do I need?

Just register and download our program used for interaction with the game. It will automatically record your job deliveries to TrucksBook and communicate with the game. Then you can start exploring all possibilities of TrucksBook.


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Have a great overview about your job deliveries! We save every detail about your job delivery. You can also see your whole route on the map.


Compare yourself with others! Show the competing company that you are better than them and drive larger distance. Or just show off to your friend!


Watch your colleagues on a virtual map. If they are in the multiplayer, you can connect to them and drive together. And if you accidentaly lost them, you can find them right away.

Company Management

As a company manager you can easily manage your entire company directly on the website, including your profile, logo, rules, dashboard, and other settings. At the same time, you can track your company's internal statistics and a complete logbook of your employees. There is also an integrated chat for convenient communication between employees.


Individual companies can choose their dispatcher who can conveniently assign custom jobs to their employees or create offers for them using only the web interface. You can also add your own jobs the same way individually. Using our program, you can then accept (or reject) the job, thanks to which it will subsequently appear in the game where you can deliver it.


Managing convoys has never been easier. You can create your own convoy directly on the website and inform other players about it, or you can join someone else's already scheduled convoy.


Forum is the center of communication between all TrucksBook users. You can ask questions there, report bugs, show your company, or discuss with others.

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